Can I Use Pyrex in Air Fryer
Can I Use Pyrex in Air Fryer

If you are a foodie like me and need to know if you can use Pyrex glassware in an air fryer unit, this post is for you. You might have saved your leftovers in a glassware container (Pyrex).

Can you take this from the freezer and put it in your air fryer directly? Is there any upper-temperature limit for Pyrex glassware?

Are there any situations where putting your oven-safe glassware in the air fryer is not perfectly safe?

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Can I use Pyrex in an air fryer?

You can you glassware in an air fryer if it’s oven safe. Please do not put it when the glassware is cold, as it’ll cause thermal stress and shatter the Pyrex.

Also, preheat the glassware with mild-warm water before using it as an air fryer machine for added safety.

Air fryer temperature rises very much within a few minutes, and most of the ordinary glass will be unable to bear the temperature changes and explode and shatter.

So, checking the label and putting it in an air fryer machine without food is better.

What is Pyrex glassware made of?

Pyrex glassware was formerly made of borosilicate glass, which is highly resistant to thermal shock.

It is made of soda lime glass, which is probably a cost-reducing process, as it is reasonably priced.

Most Pyrex glassware is freezer-safe and oven-safe labeled, but they’re not entirely thermal shockproof.

When the Pyrex glass bowl cools or is heated rapidly, various parts of the glass bowl expand or contract by diverse amounts, causing significant stress.

If it is too extreme, the glassware’s texture will fail, with a breaking effect.
To prevent it, you must remember how quickly you change the temperature of Pyrex.

Broilers and Stovetops conduct heat instantly and will likely cause the glassware to fail.

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How to keep Pyrex from shattering in the Air Fryer?

If you genuinely want to know your glassware from shattering in the air fryer, there are a few precautions that you can take.

Do not change Temperature suddenly.

Quick temperature change is the primary reason for Pyrex glassware breaking. For instance, you have put a Pyrex glass bowl of leftover food from the fridge into the air fryer machine.

It can cause Pyrex shattering and possibly be harmful. You can stay for Pyrex to come to standard temperature, and then at the lowly possible temp, you have put it in the oven.

Use Oven safe or tempered glassware.

Serving and drinking glasses usually are not made to bear the over temperatures, so never put these in your air fryer or oven unless they are made explicitly oven safe.

For safety reasons, use tempered or oven-safe Pyrex glassware that withstands a much higher temperature than standard glassware.

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Always Look for Structural weaknesses in the glassware

If glassware is weaker, even oven-safe glassware can break or shatter. Holding the glass bowl in light and looking for unevenness of small cracks of the glass and color change, the entire of them indicates weaker glassware.

To enjoy your meal get new oven-safe glassware that you can use in your air fryer.

Avoid high temperatures

Over safe Pyrex glassware, operate under 350 to 450 degrees F, and always read the label rightly to know the limits of the Pyrex glass bowl.

At high temperatures, the glassware starts to lose its formation or start cracking and might explode, so always try to stay well under the temperature limit to be safe cooking.

Advantages of heating food in glassware

You reheat and heat glassware repeatedly without any issue about chemical leeching into your meal.

Pyrex glassware bows are simple to clean, non-toxic, retain heat longer, and have a fully transparent surface. This makes Pyrex an excellent option for many of us.

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How do I know if my glassware is oven-safe or not?

The simple way to check whether your glassware is oven-safe is to look for manufacturer stamps that might be stuck to the cookware that came in or on the glassware bowl.

These stamps are often very clean and easy to read.
They usually read oven-safe or have a few over-save marks. If it’s on the glassware bowl, it’d typically be on the bottom part.
Another method to tell if your glassware is oven-safe is to check on the manufacturer’s sites.

These sites usually have a product listing the advantages, specifications, and reasons to purchase the product.

In the rare case, that manufacturer doesn’t have the product on the site or doesn’t have a place, you can pick to check their social media and ask a question, and you’d expect a response within 24-48 hours.

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